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Dental Implants Institute of The West Coast

Without appliance there is no science. This is why our goal and emphasis is to incorporate new skills into the dentist's deep set of knowledge until safe, Skilled and efficient practice become a second nature.

Why Choose Us


With a year -round program, offered on weekends you have the following advantages:

  • Stay within your geographical location with minimum travel arrangements

  • No down time for your office and no loss of production

  • Bring your team for training so that you can complete experience

  • Bring your patients to be part of the program making it more affordable to your patients thus helping financially as well

  • Access to an instructor / mentor which can help you breath better while diagnosing, treatment planning or delivering treatment

All that and a lot more ....

We will establish a true mentee-mentor partnership with specific goals to be accomplished throughout the course of the mentoring program

Many offices have greatly benefited from mutual cooperation. We've been there, Done that and now we are passing what we have to our partners, Successes, Failures, Advances, Changes and Pearls.

Come join us in the wonderful world of dental implantology.


Dental Implant Institute of The West Coast

  • Take your skills, your team and your practice to a whole new level.

  • Make the newly acquired skills a second nature & your modus operandum.

  • Communicate and network with some of the most ambitious and brilliant minds who share your passion for dental implants.

  • Take the step and call to reserve your space for a study club near you. 

  • Set yourself apart from the pack.

Year-roud Training + In-Office Training

Our mission is helping you to incorporate dental implants with exceptional quality into your practice at an exceptional price.

Would you like to expand your office & increase revenue? We will customize your space and your office to accommodate your vision and your patients' unique needs. We will help you create the perfect setup to make you successful!

Afraid of initial setup cost? We offer flexible financing options to help your company acquire and finance all the equipment you need.

See our Financing Page to learn more.

We want this part of the process to be seamless, easy, and attainable for you. Picture a full operatory set up complete with high-end motors, blood centrifuge, surgical kits, and implant kits in under a week!

We will personalize the training program to fit your specific needs and guide your willing team members to become excellent surgery partners. 

You will learn how to employ the use of dental software & cone-beam analysis so you can plan every single dental implant surgery with unparalleled accuracy. It will become the norm to see the end from the beginning.

Case Presentation & Payment Arrangements

We want to teach you the secrets to attractive case presentations and increasing case acceptance. Improving these will ultimately lead to boosts in revenue!

Help your patients benefit from a premium treatment at your office! It is important that our patients get the best of what we have to offer. There are a couple of factors that play a role in this:

  • Patients need to fully understand their condition.

  • Find a way to justify the time & financial commitment, more importantly, find a way to fulfill that commitment, i.e. pay for it. 

We can also help you set up the optimum payment arrangements for your office. Whether you’re going to employ insurance companies only, state-run programs such as Medicaid or Medicare, incorporate medical billing, use third party financing or offer in-office financing, we can make the payment options for your patients attainable and simple.

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