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Our Complete Dental Training & Marketing Program

Dental Implants Institute of The West Coast is a complete resource for expanding your practice and growing your client base by making dental implants a part of your everyday practice.

We achieve this safely, efficiently & honestly.


A World class center with implant specialists from all over the world

Mission Statement

We aim to empower you as a dentist to incorporate dental implants into your practice

Through continual education and mentorship helping you improve personal skills and bolstering up your clinical confidence, Revitalize your staff and patient base.

Increase revenue., Drive down the overall cost of your business.

Learn how to interpret CT's and to digitally plan dental implant cases.

Master the principles of bone grafting.

Become a pro at placing dental implants safely and effectively.

Restore implants with confidence and ease.

Be able to add full mouth construction to your patients.

All that and a lot more.

Why Our Program Works

Whether you need training on exciting new dental procedures, computer equipment and specialized dental software, access to a world-class digital dental lab, or marketing strategies to attract new clients...we can provide it all!


With our combination of experience, knowledge, and resources, we can provide you with everything you'll need to build and grow your dental business.


Dr. Patrick Schaefer

Owner, Schaefer Dental Group

"Thank you, Dr. Carmy Michael, for offering such a unique customized training and mentorship program. Your personalized, in-office live patient training on implant placement, all-on-4, and all other implant-associated surgeries and techniques is essential to anyone looking to go to the next level. Through your help, I've been able to learn in my own office, treating my own patients and built a level of confidence that allows me to treat the majority of cases that I see on a daily basis. I look forward to continuing our mentoring and friendship. Best Regards, Dr. Patrick Schaefer"


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