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Complete Marketing Department

We will put in place the right campaign to attract new clients and help inform existing clients of the dental implant options available to them.

You may have an existing beautiful website or maybe no online presence at all. Whatever the case may be, we can take what you have and very efficiently and inexpensively optimize it.

Dental Implant Institute Of The West Cost

Dental businesses, like all other businesses, have to utilize digital marketing. We specialize in creating a complete marketing plan for your dental office. Instead of relying on random posts or advertisements on social media and search engines, we charge a flat fee. Our practice is transparent and all ad buys are directly done between your office and the advertising platform!


Branding is your customer's experience. It is much more than your logo or your name. Branding is the voice of your business and what differentiates yourself from your competitors. It is your mission, core values and visions. Your brand is your business's personality and your promise to your customers. It is the impression that you leave on your customers after the sale is made, and how they will remember you. Your logo is the “face” of your business. With consistency and time, people will recognize your logo as your business name, establishing credibility among competitors and trust with your customers. Your brand is the psychological relationship a business has with its customers


Your website is the backbone of your digital marketing efforts. You will reach more customers through your website, and better qualified leads through Search Engine Optimization of your website. Your website is an opportunity to build trust among current and future customers. Consumers will be able to learn about your products and services, as well as your company and your mission. By providing relevant and educational content on your website, you gain credibility among your visitors. Consumers can get information regarding your brand any time of day or night. Having a visually eye appealing design, simple navigation, quick loading speeds, helpful content and easy conversion process, your business will see remarkable results. Having a website is the best way to reach your target audience. 


Search engine optimization or SEO, is a very key part to lead generation. Your website’s success depends heavily on how search engines rank your website. Showing up towards the top of search engine results means you're most likely to get a click. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing show users websites that score the best in SEO. Focusing content on top keywords and figuring out what are those top keywords with keyword research. It is imperative to have your websites SEO better than competitors if you want to show up before them.


Online Presence

Online is increasingly becoming the way people get their information. Having a good online presence allows for your business to be discovered by many possible customers.  Our team utilizes software that will put your name across 72+ different platforms. We make sure all your business’s info is up to date across all sites. A strong online presence is key to brand awareness and lead generation!


Search Engine Marketing

Search engines such as Google and Yahoo have an immense amount of people that use them to search everyday. Making sure you’re seen on these search engines is imperative. Your business could make an impression on people searching for keywords that match your business. Our team specializes in making sure your business shows up to the right people when searching for keywords related to your business. We will optimize advertisements to increase metrics and conversions that best fit your business needs!


Social Media Marketing

People of all ages across the world utilize social media accounts. According to statistics, 68% of Americans use Facebook alone. Social media advertising allows you to reach many people in a target audience of your choice. Because there are so many people on social media, the demographics are also very diverse. Diversity gives you the option to select whatever kind of audience your business wants to target. Advertising on social media will also allow you to gather lots of information on who views your business and other key metrics. Our team specializes in creating social media campaigns and reporting data from said campaigns.

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