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*FDA approved custom abutments and unique designs for multi-unit abutments to help with your full arch cases.

*Crowns & Bridges Satisfaction guaranteed with a lifetime warranty on C & B work.

*Removable work using Ivobase and premium teeth and acrylic (10-year warranty)


Dedicated Digital Dental Lab

We have our own dental digital and analog laboratory. This dedicated lab is our pride and joy, established to service our customers, it provides a very personalized and custom product to each office we work with.  All cases are planned with aesthetics in mind. Whether it's a scan or an impression, careful attention is paid to every last detail. Personalized service is given to each case and we communicate with dentists and their teams to make sure their patients are satisfied.

We fully realize the uniqueness, that is, 'your office'.

Have you faced any of those issues during your restorative journey:

  • Placing the implant in the correct anatomical and prosthetic position

  • Preserving papilla and keratinization in handling the soft tissues

  • Impression materials that change dimensions

  • Digital scanners that mis-stitch

  • Stone setting inaccuracies

  • Design challenges

  • Casting or sintering errors

  • Shade variations

No process is perfect but we would like to offer you support at the lab level. We can assist with top of the line milling machines and Ivoclar ovens, Vita porcelain, Katana Zirconia, and Bego Precious Metals. These are only some of the tools we employ to offer your patient the best of all worlds.

Built and run by dentists, every step of the process is thoroughly analyzed by a professional. We don't rest until the best result is produced.

Take advantage of our unparalleled support and advice on what impression technique, materials, and choice of digital aids to use. You will be able to solve problems while your patient is in the chair!

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