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DSI Straight Titanium Temporary Abutment

Screw included

Height 11mm/Width Ø4.5mm


DSI Temporary Titanium Abutment is the key to success in any kind of implantology cases that could be. It has a distinguished design that proved itself over the time as a perfect balance between accuracy and predictability in highly aesthetic results.

The DSI Straight Temporary Abutment has been built with a unique cone-shaped collar which is easily adapted to a gingival tissue and makes a perfectly solid marginal seal between the abutment and the implant. This cone-shaped collar also preserves the tissues and advances the healing process.

DSI Straight Temporary Abutments give you a secure fit minimizes micromovements and protects the implant crestal zone from oral cavity clutter penetration.

DSI Straight Temporary Abutments are compatible with all Internal-Hex Standard Platform Systems, Such as Alpha-Bio, A.B, ZIMMER, Adin, Cortex, MIS and more.

Internal Hex Connection System

Standard platform (RP) 3.75mm

Compatible with: Zimmer, MIS, BioHorizon, Alpha Bio, Implant Direct etc’

Material: Titanium Ti-6AL-4V-ELI Grade 23

TITANIUM Titanium Grade 23 is a highly successful material for the fabrication of dental superstructures and implants, on account of its favorable combination of properties such as low specific weight, high strength to weight ratio, high modulus of elasticity, very high corrosion resistance and excellent general biocompatibility.

DSI Temporary Titanium Abutment Rotational

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