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DSI Dental Implant GBR Guided Bone Regeneration Surgical 10 pcs Tack 3.5mm in Red Case


DSI “LASR” Lateral Approach Sinus Reamer Ø8.0mm

Sinus access gets much safer and easier with our DSI Lateral Approach Reamer. It is used for creating a lateral window by making reciprocating movements or straight drilling.

DSI Lateral Approach Reamer has been developed from stainless steel of the highest quality. Thanks to its exclusive round shape it prevents any damages to the membrane and makes the treatment perfectly safe for the patient.

Perfect to use in challenging cases with access difficulties. This lateral approach reamer guarantees you accurate and predictable results.

It is possible to use this reamer also for polishing sharp bone edges.

The ultimate solution for various cases in your dental practice!


Perfectly safe for lateral approach sinus lifting.
Made of the highest quality materials.
Reduces the overall treatment time.
Minimal invasiveness.
Precise and predictable results.
Easy and intuitive use.

DSI Surgical GBR Bone Tack Membrane Fixation With Case 3.5mm

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