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DSI Dental Implant Surgical Bone Expander Ridge Split Chisel Wide Crestal 5 Pcs

-5 x Ridge split chisels pcs

Ø 1.0mm
Ø 1.5mm
Ø 2.0mm
Ø 2.5mm

-Curved Ø1.0mm


The conical drills are made especially for the conical implant socket preparation.

The drill is universally designed, and compatible with the most known conical implants.

Diameters are made with precision to become multi-usable for most of the conical implants platforms.

Conical drills have a high cutting power, corrosion resistance, and outstanding reliability.

Control the machining of many kinds of medical stainless steel: it gives the drills an excellent resistance to the corrosion and every drill is processed by coating, heat treatment, electro-polishing, laser marking, color coding, and marking stops.

Conical Drills are characterized by their excellent cutting performance.

The high centering precision and easy-guiding drills are smooth running (low-vibration) and cut with significantly reduced heat generation. The dental drills allow filigree and controlled working.

With this pre-condition, you can attain the highest precision results that are gentle on patients.


Made of high-quality steel, with an outstanding corrosion resistance and reliability.
Made on the latest generation, and highest precision CNC machines.
Low heat generation, low vibrancy, controlled and precise work with confidence.
Universal sizes, compatible with the most implant sizes on the market.
Laser marks and catted stop marks will make your work so much delicate. (the  marks, are similar to the implant lengths)

DSI Ridge Split Chisel Bone Expander Kit

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