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DSI Dental Implant Prosthetic Kit Straight Titanium And PEEK Abutment with Screws

• Titanium straight abutment 1pcs

• Straight peek abutment 1pcs

• Titanium fixation screws 2pcs



Compatible with all Internal-Hex Systems, Such as Alpha-Bio, A.B, ZIMMER, Adin, Cortex, MIS and more…

DSI released a new abutment kit that includes the most popular and necessary two abutment types for a single restoration.

This Kit is simple yet very useful for everyday practice and particularly in a single unit restoration. A must-have kit in every dentist office comes in a special handy and plastic box.

The main idea is to make a smooth workflow for a dentist and provide the maximum aesthetic and self-confidence to the patient by putting the aesthetic temporary abutment and crown before the final restoration while utilizing the same platform and thus minimizing trauma to the gingiva.

The kit includes the following items: 1 Straight PEEK Temporary Abutment, 1 Straight Titanium Abutment, 2 Titanium Fixation Screws.

DSI PEEK abutments are characterized by a superior combination of strength, elasticity, and resilience. These abutments are the best solution for a full mouth scanning because they do not hold any metal elements and the scanning goes smooth and steady. Unlike any other metal abutments that will interrupt you with an endless interference and should be taken care with a special scan spray before even begin the scanning.

DSI PEEK abutments are biocompatible, aesthetic and feature a natural tooth-color appearance for improved esthetics. They also have low electrical conductivity and well suited for use in the oral cavity. These abutments have a great resistance to any bacteria or microorganism, and their color does not fade away till they been changed to a permanent abutment. Can successfully serve as a temporary abutment for as long as needed.

DSI Straight Abutments is an unrivaled part when it comes to the cemented single-unit restorations. This abutment made to get the job’s done.

They are tough, corrosion resistant, easy to customize and approach any restoration

DSI Prosthetic Basic Kit For Standard Platform

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