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DSI Dental Lab 22mm Parallel Pin Depth Gauge Implant Surgical Instrument Tool
Diameter Ø1.6mm


DSI Surgical All-in-One Organized Kit 18pcs

Suitable for a large variety of DSI implants. Compatible with internal-hex systems, such as Alpha-Bio, A.B, ZIMMER, Adin, Cortex, Implant Direct, MIS, and more.

Clinicians and particularly implantologists around the world are well aware of the need for accuracy, reliability, and predictability during surgery. That’s why we developed and released a completely new surgical instruments kit that will prevail upon all the others in the market.

Based on three years of research and customer feedback, our surgical kit has become a new standard of price/quality ratio in the dental industry since only this kit will give the ability to operate with significance, accuracy, and ease of use.

DSI Surgical Kit will allow you to perform a broad range of treatment procedures of implant placement cases. With the recommended drilling protocol integrated, using the instruments and drills included will always bring you the best possible results. The kit is light, compact and easy to carry.

DSI Surgical Kit contains all the instruments that you will be needed during the standard surgical procedure. These instruments are ergonomically designed, organized by their layouts and clearly labeled for easy return to the tray. Drills are arranged from left to right from top to bottom with the perfect drilling protocol in mind to give you a more intuitive feel and ensure the best-case results.

DSI Surgical Kit is just a must-have in every dentist and implantologist office.


At DSI we produce the best Titanium surgical instruments, from the best raw materials that could be found worldwide. Our instruments are made with high-hardness, high-purity, and high-wearability.
Titanium grade 23 that we use is a top-quality material alloy, that is used only in best surgical tools not only in dentistry but in all kinds of surgical procedures.
For each instrument making procedure, we are equipped with high-precision production devices, such as high-precision grinding machine, fully-automatic welding machine, etc. Apart from these, we have the latest 6-axis CNC machines from Japan (the same machines we use to make the precise implants and prosthetics).
We also use full-series patented our production, to ensure the quality of our products is the best that could be found. With the outstanding high-sharpness, high-concentricity, and high-precision.

To ensure the production quality, we strictly control every procedure during production.
In terms of raw material, we purchase the finest from England, Japan, and United States.
During both front-end and back-end production, we apply the anti-pressure testing method to test the strength of the welding part.
We set the allowable tolerance range value and use fully-automatic digital laser detector to check the products.

This kit contains:

1 Wrench Ratchet 6.35 Hexagonal Head:

Designed specifically for dental drivers such as 2.42 implant driver and 1.25 abutment driver. Easy use and grip handle make that tool very handy for every procedure.

1 Drill extender:

This tool increasing the operating length between two teeth and narrow spaces.

1 Pilot Drill Ø1.9mm:

Used to prepare the site for further drilling sequence before inserting the implant. This drill punctures the tissue and the bone structure and gives you a ready thin socket.

1 Spade Preparation Drill Ø1.5mm:

Spade Drill is used to preparing the site for further drilling sequence before inserting the implant. The Spade Drill punctures the tissue and the bone structure and gives you a ready thin socket.

7 Surgical Cylindrical Drills:

Universal drills that are suitable for any drilling protocol and adjusted to any implant system are known. These Implant drills have high cutting power, corrosion resistance, and outstanding reliability.

Control the machining of many kinds of medical titanium: it gives the drills an excellent resistance to the corrosion and every drill is processed by coating, heat treatment, electro-polishing, laser marking, color coding, and marking stops.

Drills are characterized by their excellent cutting performance.

The high centering precision and easy-guiding drills are smooth running (low-vibration) and cut with significantly reduced heat generation. The dental drills allow filigree and controlled work.

Cylindrical drills come in diameter 2.0mm, 2.8mm, 3.2mm, 3.65mm,4.0mm,4.2mm, and 5.2mm.

This kit has an unusually large variety of ratchet drivers & a hand abutment driver

6 Ratchet Drivers:

2x Ø1.25mm,length 10mm & 15mm for abutments.

2x Ø2.42mm,length 10mm & 15mm for implants.

2x Ø2.00mm,length 10mm & 15mm for slim implants.

1 Hand Abutment Driver Ø1.25mm:

Used for gentle installation of removal of abutment, attachments, healing caps and more.

1 Special plastic polymer autoclavable box with rigid rubber inserts:
The box is made of high-quality tough plastic, and it is autoclavable in a temperature of 134° C.

DSI Parallel Pin – Long 2-side

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