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DSI Titanium Surgical Barrier Mesh Plate 0.1mm Thickness


Compatible with: Nobel Biocare, Straumann, Astra Tech, Dentsply, Zimmer, Biomet 3i and more…

When a screw or an implant removal is needed it is a harsh time for any dentist.

The regular procedure is accommodated by removing completely the implant with the screw inside by the means of the surgical procedure and use of trephine drills.

The disadvantages with such method are:

Painful procedure for the patient and a long recovery process.
The tremendously long-term healing process of bone and surrounding tissue.
Messy working conditions with a risk of inflammation and contamination of the wound.

DSI SOS Implant/Screw Removal kit gives you an ultimate advantage upon all other methods.

By removing failing or misplaced implants and broken screws quickly easily and without the need for a surgical procedure, trephine or trauma.

Our DSI SOS kit gives the ability to use a technique that can also facilitate the immediate placement of a new implant of the same diameter back into the socket once properly cleaned and treated. DSI SOS kit manages an Implant placement and GBR is capable immediately after removal.


Both osseointegrated implants and fractured implants are simply removed.
No bone damage and dental trauma to patients.
No need to use a trephine drill. Applicable to any type of implants with a screw hole.
Capable to remove and replace the implant in ill-positioned implant placement case.
Helps To Remove Broken Screws Without Damaging The Implant.
Fit Most Implant Platforms: External hex, Internal hex, and conical connection.
Removes Failed Implants Without Compromising Surrounding Bone Or Damaging Neighboring Structures.

DSI SOS Implant/Screw Removal Kit comes in a special autoclavable plastic polymer box with 13 tools inside.

DSI Membrane Titanium GBR Mesh Plate Ø0.8mm

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