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DSI Loc-In Silicone Retention Caps Extraction Insertion Tool


Can be used with the most popular Loc-In silicone caps like Alpha-Bio, A.B , ZIMMER,Adin, Cortex, MIS and more.

DSI has made a very special extraction/insertion tool for Loc-In silicone retention caps. This tool is very handy for use.

DSI insertion/extraction tool is very easy to use and the caps will be sealed just with a light pressure.

DSI insertion/extraction tool is used for insertion or extraction of silicone caps into the model, or a titanium housing.

The instrument itself is made of a high-quality stainless steel and have a high corrosion resistance.

We are taking seriously the production of all our instruments and prosthetics so this extraction/insertion tool is made with the highest precision for maximum accuracy and versatility for Loc-In silicone caps.

DSI Loc-In Attachment Universal Insertion & Extraction Caps Tool

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