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DSI Implant Fixation Ratchet Driver Flat Top Ø2.42mm

Hexagon connection Ø6.35mm ONLY


DSI Dental Implant Driver Ø2.42mm Lenght 10mm

DSI Implant drivers are used to tighten implants with great precision. Our precise tools are both extremely durable and easy to use. At DSI we know how important it is to properly place implants and tightening them is essential to success.

Here at DSI, we make only the best drivers according to the highest standards requirements in the dental industry.

Our Drivers are compatible with the most popular systems such as Alpha Bio, Zimmer, MIS, Adin, Implant Direct, AB Dental Etc…


Full solid highest quality stainless steel body

Universal Ø6.35 wrench ratchet hexagonal connection system

Exceptional steady grip for maximum accuracy

Incredibly tight hex to implant seal

Unmatched quality, durability and corrosion resistance

DSI Implant Fixation Ratchet Driver Flat Top Ø2.42mm

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