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DSI Anatomic Shape Concave Healing Cap Ø4.5mm Height Gingival height 2-7 mm


The healing cap helps to keep the gum tissue pushed back and prevent implant overgrowth, so that crown or abutment can be easily fitted afterward.

New generation DSI Emergence Profile Healing Cap design enables the mucosal tissue to form a dense layer surrounding the transgingival connection.

DSI Natural Concave Healing Caps are used to cover the mating surface of the implant to prevent bone and soft-tissue growth over the implant during the osseointegration. This medical grade Titanium alloy is very smooth to allow for correct soft tissue healing.

DSI Natural Concave Healing Caps are designed to help gum tissue around the implant site heal faster and are compatible with internal hex implants.

For Internal Hex Connection System compatible with all Internal-Hex Systems, Such as Alpha-Bio, A.B, ZIMMER, Adin, Cortex, MIS and more.

DSI Natural Concave Healing Caps will give you astonishing aesthetic results by giving reduced tissue transparency and reducing the metal visibility of the abutment above the tissue level.

DSI Natural Concave Healing Caps is a completely new level of standard in dentistry and it is designed for immediate loading into the implant.

DSI Natural Concave Healing Caps innovative design creates an emergence profile by optimal solid connection, that reduces the trauma to the implantation site and accelerates the healing process.

DSI Natural Concave Healing Cap


Ensures a secure fit between the healing cap and the implant and establish a superior primary stability
Creates an emergence profile tight marginal seal and protects the implant’s crestal zone from oral cavity clutter penetration.
Highest level Titanium alloy for excellent bio-compatibility and long-term usage.

DSI Healing Cap Abutment Concave Ø4.5mm

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