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DSI Dental Implant Bone Screw Membrane Fixation GBR Surgical Ø2.0mm Length 12/10/8/6/4/3mm


DSI Lateral Approach Drill “LAD” Ø6/8.0mm

Sinus lifting is a very challenging and delicate procedure that requires only the best tools. Our DSI Lateral Approach Drill is used for safe and fast perforation of the lateral wall.

The drill has been designed to create a one-sized lateral window, as well as enlarging the lateral window by making reciprocating movements. Special diamond nanoparticle-coating and complete absence of sharp edges guarantee that the treatment will be completely safe for the patient.

DSI Lateral Approach Drill also provides you with a possibility to control the drilling depth. It gives you a great advantage when it is necessary to form a sinus lateral window in a precise and predictable fashion. Needless to say that by using this drill you will reduce the treatment time and avoid unnecessary post-operative complications for the patient.


Special diamond nanoparticle-coating.
Perfectly safe for lateral approach sinus lifting.
Reduces the overall treatment time.
Minimal invasiveness.
Precise and predictable results.
Easy and intuitive use.
Made of the highest quality materials.

DSI GBR Self Tapping Screw Ø2.0mm Sizes 3-12mm

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