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DSI DNT Integral Stopper Drills Kit 33pcs

Drills diameters: Ø2.0, Ø2.8, Ø3.2, Ø3.65, Ø4.0, Ø4.5 mm.

Each drill diameter has the following lengths: 6.0, 8.0, 10.0, 11.5, 13.0 mm.

Also Includes:

1 Lance Drill
1 Surgical Bur
1 Drill Extender


DSI has developed a newest generation line of stopper drills which could be used by them selves and/or with a surgical guide stopper.

DSI Stopper Drills are made for Precision, Reliability, and Predictability during surgical procedures and implant placement.

During the drilling sequence, DSI Stopper Drills is Must-have tool. Nowadays, most of the dental professionals are driven away from the attachable stoppers technique due to the lack of the precision and decontamination of the tissues.

DSI Stopper Drills allows you, to attain both precision and safety through a unique and ergonomic design. DSI Stopper Drills comes to aid and to simplify the drilling process and save chair time for you and your patients. DSI Stopper Drills work best with DSI Surgical Guide. Now you can build up your surgical guide for even more precise work.

DSI Stopper drills adjust the socket for reducing the pressure on the implant neck if the socket is thin at the coronal area and increase the stability in a deeper area of the socket. Such a drilling sequence entitles you with a great advantage for immediate loading, and excellent biocompatibility, to reach the optimal osseointegration and complete healing process with no abruption. Promotes earlier bone apposition and provides greater stability during the first critical weeks after placement.

DSI Stopper Drills will work great in a sinus lifting procedure by giving you the depth accuracy that is so crucial in these cases. DSI Stopper Drills comes to prevent over-drilling, which will reduce the potential for sinus or nerve complications during osteotomies. DSI stopper Drills eliminates the need to constantly check the drill depth markings and frees you from frequent pauses to examine osteotomy depth. Now you can work more safely to the exact depth that you need, with zero mistakes.

DSI Stopper Drills are user-friendly by their simplicity and intuitive design.

These drills are cost-effective and universally compatible with any implant system available on the market.

DSI Stopper drills have a high cutting power, corrosion resistance, and outstanding reliability.

Control the machining of many kinds of medical stainless steel: it gives the drills an excellent resistance to the corrosion and every drill is processed by coating, heat treatment, electropolishing.

The Drills are characterized by their excellent cutting performance.

The high centering precision and easy-guiding drills are smooth running (low-vibration) and cut with significantly reduced heat generation. The dental drills allow filigree and controlled working.

Each drill comes with a special custom made surgical sleeve which can be exposed in a surgical guide appliance during the drilling sequence. The sleeve is multi usable and could be withdrawn from the surgical guide, sterilized and re-used over again in the next surgical guide. The sleeves are made from a highest quality stainless steel and could be used for a very long time if treated correctly.

All our drills undergo inspections to meet precise industrial standards:

Cleaning test – To ensure no risk is posed of transmitting infectious microorganisms.
Steam sterilization test – To inspect the effectiveness of the sterilization process on our products.
Autoclave test – The test includes 20 autoclave cycles, then a thorough inspection for corrosion.
Signs or defects – the identical processes will be carried out in the dental clinic.
Salt spray test – To inspect the durability of corrosion according to ASTM A967-05.
Drilling test – To inspect drill sharpness.


DSI DNT Integral Stopper Drills Kit

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