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DSI Diamond Edition Bone Cutting & Shaping Inverted Cone

Diameter Ø 5.0mm

Length 32mm

TiN Coating


5xDSI Dental Implant Bone Screw Membrane Fixation GBR Surgical Ø2.0mm Length 12/10/8/6/4/3mm

Guided bone regeneration or GBR is the Achilles Heel in a dental sphere. The procedure commonly requires a tremendous effort, it is a very massive and laborious surgical procedure, yet it has to be done very accurately and delicate to minimize the tissue damage and soft tissue limitation. All of that needed for healthy and highly aesthetic results for the patient.

This is why only the best dental surgeons can carry out such a task, but to do so, they need the best instruments they can have to perform at their’s maximum potential.

What we did in DSI is made the best and delivered the cornerstone GBR kit of today’s GBR procedures.

We designed the best GBR screws that could be found on the market.

DSI Membrane Fixation Screw is the only membrane fixation system available that allows you to effectively secure membranes.

DSI Membrane Fixation Screws are designed as an attractive alternative to using tacks for membrane stabilization. Easy pick-up, the solid stability of the screw during transfer to the surgical site, and easy placement make membrane fixation fast and easy.

DSI Membrane Fixation Screw is being used to hold membrane, titanium mesh plates, wire when you build new bone shape, reconstructive surgery, bone grafting, etc. This is a definitive tool that will serve you with precision and accuracy.

DSI Membrane Fixation Screw allows easy and fast engagement in challenging cases with limited space and difficult access.

Being made of the highest quality titanium alloy screws can stabilize the membrane during the healing process, without additional interfering. also, they are highly retentive and reducing the risks of being dropped or lost during the placement.


Head design allows it to be screwed down flush to the bone surface leaving no gap between the head and the bone. That increases the biocompatibility and gives additional tissue protection to the inner bone.
Fine pitched threads give screw greater force clamping force while using less driver torque.
The self-drilling design of the screw gives better penetration through the cortical bone without the use of a mallet or the need for drilling pilot holes.
A new color-coded system that allows you to pick the right screw by nearly an intuition


Bone grafting filling with a membrane stabilization.
Sinus lifting.
Reconstructive surgery.
Bone collection.
Bone compressing.

DSI Membrane Fixation Screw is a must-have tool for the best results in any dental surgery.

DSI Membrane Fixation Screws are made of the finest Titanium alloy grade 23


Low Specific Weight
High Strength to weight ratio
High Modulus of Elasticity
High Corrosion Resistance
Excellent General Biocompatibility

DSI Diamond Edition Bone Cutting & Shaping Inverted Cone Bur

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