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DSI Dental Implant Wrench Ratchet Torque 25-100 ncm


DSI Ratchet was designed especially for our brand after gathering together all the qualities of a perfect dental instrument. As a result, every owner of our ratchet will receive a strong and long-lasting tool that will become irreplaceable in his practice.

The Manual Torque Ratchet is indicated to be used with implants to ensure that correct torque is achieved during manual insertion. A lot of implants brands allow higher torque than 45 ncm, it is especially essential during immediate loading when higher torque is very important.

This piece is excellent for the installation and removal of implants, for installation and removal of healing caps, all sorts of abutments, attachments, etc
Compatible with Nobel Biocare, Alpha-Bio, A.B, ZIMMER, Adin, Cortex, Implant Direct, MIS and others.


Features both a torque and ratchet function.
Torque 25-100 Ncm
Optimum readability of scale values with sterilizable ceramic paint.
Comprises two individual parts only.
Dismounting of the ratchet for sterilization is done within seconds.
Made of biocompatible Titanium alloy Ti6Al-4V ELI, the same material used in implants.




Multifunctional instrument.
Blocking function allowing work on higher torques.
Perfect for installation and removal of all sorts of implants, healing caps, abutments, and attachments.
Clever ergonomic design for an ideal fit.
Fully autoclave sterilizable.

DSI Dental Implant Wrench Ratchet Torque 25-100 ncm

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