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DSI Conical Connection Loc-In Regular Platform Straight Abutment

1 DSI Loc-In Nobel Conical Connection Abutment (select Height Collar) 1-5 mm

4 DSI silicone caps:
Yellow extra soft retention 0.6kg
Pink Soft retention 1.2kg
White standard retention 1.8kg
Black Lab Processing cap

1 DSI silicone ring

1 DSI Titanium housing cap



For more versatility and simplicity an industry standard hexagonal abutment driver 1.25mm is used for insertion.

DSI Conical Connection Loc-In attachment system is designed with customization levels of retention and a low vertical profile.

DSI Conical Connection Loc-In attachment is ideal for areas with limited space, such as missing lateral incisors. It provides a strong seal with the implant neck that is usually difficult to achieve with small diameter implants. The strong and solid connection enables this Loc-In attachment to be used in a wide variety of cases.

Compatible with Nobel Active and similar conical connection systems like Implant Direct, ADIN A.B etc. DSI Conical Connection Loc-In attachment ensures a secure fit between Loc-In abutment and the implant, minimizes micro-movements, ensures a very tight marginal seal and protects the implant’s crestal zone from oral cavity clutter penetration.

DSI Conical Connection Loc-In attachment presents uncompromising accuracy, a consistent concave emergence profile for excellent soft tissue reaction and high esthetic results.

DSI Conical Connection Loc-In attachment ensures superior primary stability and offers the ultimate choice for a wide range of clinical cases and loading protocols.

DSI Conical Connection Loc-In attachment has an innovative ability to pivot, which increases the attachment’s resiliency and tolerance for the high mastication forces.

DSI Conical Connection Loc-In attachment allows it to compensate for the path of insertion even with up to 14 degrees of divergence between implants and provides exceptional durability.

It is Easy to insert and remove by your patients, This patented pivoting action, along with the attachment’s self-aligning design, also provides ease of seating the denture by the patient.

The set consists of DSI Conical Connection Loc-In Attachment, made of high-quality titanium alloy, and designed with the highest level of precision.

Collar height is 1-5mm


Ideal for all overdenture patients
Makes inserting simply
Suitable for cases with angulation problems


High-quality silicone Loc-In caps made by DSI.

Those silicone caps, isolate ring and titanium housing fit the most popular brands’ locator attachments like MIS, Zimmer, A.B, Adin and more…


YELLOW extra soft retention 0.6kg
PINK Soft retention 1.2kg
WHITE standard retention 1.8kg
BLACK Lab Processing cap
Low allergen and biocompatible material

Silicone ring is to be placed underneath the housing for supporting/isolating the Loc-In while adding height.

Dental Titanium Housing Cap For Loc-In Implant Abutment

High-quality titanium alloy grade 23, made by DSI

Made on top CNC machines, in a new and completely different level of quality and precision.

DSI Conical Loc-In Straight Abutment RPØ5.0-4.3mm FDA

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