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DSI Dental Bone Cutter Shaping Surgical Carbide Lindemann Bur

Flute Ø 2.5 mm

Length 29 mm


DSI 10 Bone Tack 5.0mm in Blue Case

DSI Bone Tacks are universally applicable for easy and secure attachment of regenerative membranes to the bone structure. Especially good for fixation solid membranes, mesh plates, and PTFE. Regenerative membranes are designed to prevent ingrowth of gingival soft tissue into bone defects, in order to facilitate the bone formation during the repair process of the defect.

DSI Bone Tacks are made with a differential thread that will give the membrane more stability during the whole healing process.

DSI Bone Tacks is one of the few membrane fixation systems available that allow you to effectively secure membranes with the push of a button, and do not need to involve the “hard artillery”, like hammers. The tacks can be adjusted with a tack applicator and/or screwdriver.

DSI Bone Tacks allows easy and fast engagement in challenging cases with limited space and difficult access.

Being made of the highest quality titanium alloy tacks can stabilize the membrane during the healing process, without additional interfering. also, they are highly retentive and reducing the risks of being dropped or lost during the placement.

DSI Bone Tacks Removal

Removal of the Tacks is made in conjunction with the removal of the membrane, and do not claim to possess a lot of your time.

Expose the surgical site and pry the head of the Tack from the underlying membrane using a thin and flat tool, such as a scalpel blade.

Stainless steel tack case – made especially for the tacks, can hold up to 20/10 tacks. The main feature is the unique design that allows you to perform any membrane placement with ease. The box is opened by sliding the upper level to a side. When it comes to tack delivery it is very handy for you to take the tacks from a case and not search for them all around your workplace.


Effectively secure membranes.
High-quality materials.
Precise and predictable results.
Simplifies the membrane fixation process.
Comfortable and ergonomic handle design.
Special thread for more stability
Easy to used single-handed.

DSI Carbide Bone Shaping Surgical Lindemann Bur Drill Cutter Ø2.5

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