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DSI Dental Bone Cutter Shaping Surgical Carbide Lindemann Bur

Flute Ø 1.5 mm

Length 29 mm


DSI Bone Tack Steel Case Blue for up to 20 tacks Blue 5.0mm/Red for up to 20 tacks Red 3.5mm

Stainless steel tack case – made especially for the tacks, can hold up to 20 tacks. The main feature is the unique design that allows you to perform any membrane placement with ease.

The box is opened by sliding the upper deck to a side. When it comes to tack delivery it is very handy to take the tacks from a case instead of a table or a tray.


High-quality stainless steel
Unique design
Can hold up to 20 tacks
Easy to use
Comfort and fast delivery of the tacks

DSI Carbide Bone Shaping Surgical Lindemann Bur Drill Cutter Ø1.5

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