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DSI Multi-Unit Angle 45° Abutment Premium Angulated Kit Regular Platform

– 1Multi-Unit Collar 1 mm

– Open Transfer 1pcs

– Analog for MUA 1 pcs

– Healing Cap 1 pcs

– Closed Transfer Cap 1 pcs

– Titanium Sleeve Abutment 1 pcs

– Plastic Sleeve Abutment 1 pcs

– Fixation Titanium Screws 3 pcs

– 1 Metal Position Holder 1 pcs


The Multi-Unit system provides a solution for screw-retained prostheses even on complicated-to-restore implants (for example, multiple tilted implants).

The Multi-Unit system comprises a full range of sizes for both the upper and lower jaws. Straight, 17° adapters, in a variety of heights, connects to a wide range of complementary products.

Material: Titanium.

DSI Angulated Abutment Multi-Unit Angle 45° Premium Kit

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